Pathway: Nuclear Refueling Challenge

Rule #1: "I Don't Know" are the 3 most empowering words you can say to a student if they are followed by "Let's find out"

Rule #2: You must admit that you are not the smartest person in the room - and that's okay.

Rule #3: You are no longer the giver of knowledge but must be the giver of OPPORTUNITY.

Through Pathways to a Technical Future (Pathways), we strive to provide opportunities for students to achieve knowledge, practical skills, expertise, and literacies that will equip them to be successful in the emerging STEM workforce through experiences directly tied to academic requirements. 

Here are the descriptions for each of the four STEM Lab categories including the equipment in each lab box

The complexity of the STEM Lab wrapped up in one graphic

A nice video from an engineer working at Gerald Gentleman Station

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