Pathway: Electronics Lab Resources


If you want to be safe - do things right. Electronics projects are no place to "plug and play"

When there is an emergency - would you know what to do? Do you have a plan before it happens? Coming up with an Emergency Operation Procedure is essential for your safety.

Follow these steps to come up with your EOP:

1. Identify what could go wrong

    -Electrical issues include parts overheating, electrical short circuits, etc

    -Putting parts in the wrong place

    -Magic Smoke (no bueno)

What are your first steps

    -UNPLUG POWER! -- then what?

Record your event

    -What caused the problem

    -What actions did you take

    -What damage if any was done

    -How can you avoid this event next

Watch out for each other - help each other - keep each other accountable. Yes when we care about each other we are Safer Together!

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