Pathway: Pathways for Utilities

Make Pathways yours by creating a custom "white label" entry that adds your branding to the pathways site. You can also add your own custom pathways - and create content if you so desire.

This video is a screen capture describing how pathways, cards, and assets work together to create the content on the Pathways site. Utility partners have access to create their own content and this video will show you how.

Here are the features of the Pathways website that are available to you as a utility partner:

  1. Free and open access to all of the content and already created pathways for your utility to use as education guides or for your customers to use directly

  2. Custom Pathways - want to create a pathway with a different collection of content? No problem, custom pathways are a feature for both utility partners and end users!

  3. White Label - this is what we call our custom branding feature. If you become a registered Pathways partner (just have to sign up and be verified) you can upload your logo - then when your customer enters the website through your white label portal your branding follows them everywhere. For example: would show Custer Public Power District's logo on all of the pages there after. You can also redirect to your white label page: "" - could be set up to redirect to the pathways site.

  4. Presentation Mode - sharing links to a pathway is easy. This pathway is p2020 - so if you enter that number directly in the URL - it will take you to a presentation mode that strips down the site interface and related content. Use it for classroom presentations or speaker's bureau talks at rotary. Then if you want to share the content just include it in your URL:  -- or tell your customers to type p2020 in the search box!

  5. Metrics - users are tracked by several points including their power provider. Reports can be created to show you how often your teachers are using the Pathways program and even what topics they are most interested in!

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