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Here are the links to the resources included in NPPD's STEM Connections Lab

STEM Connection Lab
Item NameURLUnit CostNumber of UnitsTotal Estimated CostActual CostQuestions/Comments
Afinia H800 3d Printer

Sparkfun Inventors Kit Lab Pack$1,100.001$1,100.00$0.00Previously Purchased
Carvey CNC mill

$1999.001$1,999.00$2,267.98Ordered 10/30/15
SEEK Thermal XR for iOS

Smart Home Kit$249.004$996.00$1,025.95Received / added an additional Photon kit from sparkfun
Bare Conductive Classroom Pack$104.952$209.90>>received / Not worth the money
Lilly Pad lab Pack$600.001$600.00>>received
Sparkfun Sensor Kit$139.952$279.90>>Received
Sparkfun Redboard$19.954$79.80$1,064.65Received
Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter

$1295.001$1,295.00$1,750.73Received / would just get a smaller version for a new lab
Windows Laptops — Defer to IT Department for Purchasing — $800.008$6,400.00$4,400.00Received
Sphero Robot


$339.004$1,356.00$848.68Received / after a few months replaced with mBots
Double Mobility Robot

iPad Air 2


$49.954$199.80$0.00Previously Purchased
6x8’ Cargo Trailer — Defer to Fleet for Purchasing — $4000.001$4,000.00$3,199.00Received
Additional equipment— power strips, aligator clips, containers etc.$2500.001$2,500.00$2,987.00Received
Voxel8 3d printer with conductivity


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