All of the information you need to complete activities using the Arduino sensor lab, NPPD's Green Schools kits, and other sensors and tools such as a thermal camera.

Sensor Station 2-Minute Drill

Before beginning work on any job, utility workers focus on safety. This 2-minute drill helps you focus on safety in the STEM Connections Lab Sensor Station

Sensor Station S.T.A.R. Procedures
Stop. Think. Act. Review. - this is a standard safety procedure in industry and utility practices.
Sensor Station - Utilize Arduino Lab 2-minute drill
Take a look at the Arduino stations 2-minute drill and follow all of the safety suggestions!
Sensor Station Look at the Big Picture!
Consider impact of project and what data needs to be collected to show results. As you proceed through the activity as yourself questions like these: ...

Sensor Station How To Guide

Detailed descriptions on how to use the Sensor Station lab equipment including start up checklists, resource guides and information on each of the sensing tools.

SIK Guide for Sparfun Inventors Kit
Reference guide for sensor projects in Sparkfun Inventors Kit SIK Guide.SIK Guide
Energy Investigation
Check out this energy investigation pathway to see how you can use the tools in the sensor station to see how your school uses energy!

Sensor Station Workforce Skills Information

A detailed look at the workforce skills correlations found in the STEM Connections Lab's Sensor Station

Environmental Work Force Skills
This is the Workforce Skills Information from the STEM Connections Lab Sensor Station

Sensor Station Real Life Application

Check out how environmentalist observe the world around them helping all of us make informed decisions.

Observing the world around you
How can you make an impact on our environment? Observing the world around you is a great place to start!

Sensor Station Project Links

The following projects are perfect projects to utilize the resources and materials of the STEM Connection Lab Sensor Station

Experiment #2 in SIK Guide - Potentiometer
Potentiometer - Experiment #2
Experiment #7 in SIK Guide- Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor - Experiment #7
Experiment #9 in SIK Guide - Flex Sensor
Flex Sensor - Experiment #9
Experiment #6 in SIK Guide - Photo Resistor
Photo Resistor - Experiment #6
Experiment #10 in SIK Guide - Soft Potentiometer
Soft Potentiometer - Experiment #10
Digital Temperature Sensor Video
Flex Sensor Video
Check out how the Flex Sensor works!


Sensor Station Shut Down Procedures

Please help get the lab ready for the next user. Follow these steps to ensure safe and efficient preparation to exit the Sensor Station.

Sensor Station Shut Down
Steps to shut down the sensor station when you are finished:ArduinoUnplug the ArduinoPlace the components back into the Arduino case (unless you have ...


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