Learn how to use an Arduino to control the physical world


Intro to PLC's

Has your teacher ever asked you to follow instructions? And when you follow through and complete the assignment, you get a good grade? Instructions and procedures help us succeed and get things right. 

Do project #1 in the SparkFun SIK Guide. It's pretty simple- turning a light on and off. But learning to follow the steps and go through a task is an important skill. 

Experiment #1 in SIK Guide - Blinking a LED
Blinking a LED - Experiment #1
Sparkfun Inventors Kit
There are a variety of Arduino based kits . . . this is the one we use.


Trouble Shooting Challenge

A key skill for employees in public power is the ability to trouble shoot. Things go wrong - we have to fix them. Take your shot at finding the problems in this challenge.


Music to My Ears

Can you identify different types of music? Rock, country, and pop all have different pitch and tempo that makes each style unique. Do Project #12 in the SparkFun SIK Guide. After you've built the circuit, have a classmate see if they can detect or identify a difference in the tone or vibration of sounds as you change the code.   

Experiment #11 in SIK Guide - Buzzer
Piezo Buzzer - Experiment #11


Musical Code

Frequencies are important to public power - Use this Arduino challenge to get a taste of how frequencies interact with the sweet sound of music.


Sensory Feedback

Human performance requires all of your senses - Electronic Brains also require sensory feedback. Test yourself to see if your senses can hold up to those of your Arduino sensors.

1. Using the Multi-meter

2. Troubleshooting 101

3. Arduino Sensor Challenge


Improve a Process Challenge

Take any of the Sparkfun Inventor's Kit activities and make it work -- Now you are just getting warmed up. Your task is to make it better - improve it - and then improve it again.

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