MAKING technical employees requires providing students with opportunities to MAKE connections with workforce skills, math concepts, science concepts and a MAKER'S mentality. Join us for a hands-on look into the Pathways to a Technical Future learning style designed to prepare all students for a technical future!


Pathways Introduction

Through the Pathways to a Technical Future program, students will gain knowledge while acquiring practical skills and expertise that will enable them to be successful in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workforce. Students will learn through experiences directly tied to academic requirements and Public Power practices.

Rules of Engagement
To be successful integrating Pathways to a Technical Future learning styles you need to adopt the following rules of engagement!
Engineering Design Notebook
A foldable personal engineering design notebook
Foundation Graphic
The Foundation of Knowledge: a platform upon which all future success is built.Challenge #1: Name 10 parts of a substationChallenge #2: Define electri...
Analog Graphic
Analog / Physical Domain: A continuously variable physical quantity.Challenge #1: Experience "load" with a hand generator circuit
Digital Graphic
The Digital World - through a binary nature.Challenge #1: Read this statement -"There are 10 types of teachers in this world . . . those who know bina...
Logic Graphic
The Logic Universe: The science of reasoningChallenge #1: CargoBot
Data graphic
The Data Matrix: Something from which another generatesChallenge #1: Observing the world around you
Innovation graphic
Innovation: The IMPLEMENTATION of new IDEAS!Challenge #1: STEM Lab Exploration & Discovery

Implementation Pyramid

So how do we develop this monumental process? Easy, identify who can help and provide them with the resources necessary to make this happen in their own backyards. Teachers are our best allies to influence students. We needed a way to show teachers how public power is the answer to that dreaded question “When will I ever use this?”

Nuclear Refueling Challenge
Rules and layout for the Nuclear Refueling Challenge
Engineering Week
Anselmo-Merna Example
Implementation Pyramid
The world is abuzz with this concept of Makerspaces. Gather some tools and let people make stuff seemed to be a great practice to replicate. Unfortuna...

MAKE It: Resources

Web links etc.

STEM Lab Shopping Guide
Here are the links to the resources included in NPPD's STEM Connections Lab
MAKER Resources
Here are a few of the sites that we utilize when we MAKE!
STEM Connection Lab
Item NameURLUnit CostNumber of UnitsTotal Estimated CostActual CostQuestions/Comments
Afinia H800 3d Printer

Sparkfun Inventors Kit Lab Pack$1,100.001$1,100.00$0.00Previously Purchased
Carvey CNC mill

$1999.001$1,999.00$2,267.98Ordered 10/30/15
SEEK Thermal XR for iOS

Smart Home Kit$249.004$996.00$1,025.95Received / added an additional Photon kit from sparkfun
Bare Conductive Classroom Pack$104.952$209.90>>received / Not worth the money
Lilly Pad lab Pack$600.001$600.00>>received
Sparkfun Sensor Kit$139.952$279.90>>Received
Sparkfun Redboard$19.954$79.80$1,064.65Received
Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter

$1295.001$1,295.00$1,750.73Received / would just get a smaller version for a new lab
Windows Laptops — Defer to IT Department for Purchasing — $800.008$6,400.00$4,400.00Received
Sphero Robot


$339.004$1,356.00$848.68Received / after a few months replaced with mBots
Double Mobility Robot

iPad Air 2


$49.954$199.80$0.00Previously Purchased
6x8’ Cargo Trailer — Defer to Fleet for Purchasing — $4000.001$4,000.00$3,199.00Received
Additional equipment— power strips, aligator clips, containers etc.$2500.001$2,500.00$2,987.00Received
Voxel8 3d printer with conductivity


MAKE It: Procedures

Engineering Design Process & the use of engineering notebooks

Engineering Design Notebook
A foldable personal engineering design notebook
Engineering Notebook Example
Engineering notebooks are essential in many technical careers. 
Engineering Design Process
Ask. Imagine. Plan. Create. Test. Improve.

MAKE It: Examples

6 ways schools are making Makers

Shoebox MakerSpace
<span style="font-size:11.0pt;font-family:&quot;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri;mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-la...
-- Maker Fair Schedule
Here is the entire schedule for the Cozad Maker Fair
-- Technical Math Course Syllabus
Here is the York Technical Math Syllabus
York - Technical Math
This course begins the development of math skills for success in specific vocational/technical fields.&nbsp; Major emphasis is placed on problem solvi...
Engineering Week - Anselmo/Merna
Culturing and growing connections between students, schools and area businesses is the ultimate vision of CAPABLE. By developing youth involvement in ...
Wind Lab - Beatrice
Throughout the course of this unit, I watched student engagement increase dramatically! Many students did not know or care about wind energy when we s...
Maker Fair - Cozad
Over the course of two days, all staff and multiple community members teach 45+ different courses.&nbsp; The courses range in length from a half day, ...
STEM Lab - Bruning/Davenport
It was very exciting to see the "wheels turning" in the heads of those that would just dig in.&nbsp; It was a great surprise with the two students I h...

MAKE It: Opportunities

You are the providers of OPPORTUNITY. 

We can help!

Chad Johnson

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