Utilizing the idea of logic, emergency operation procedures, 3-way communication and sensors this pathway will connected the importance of logic at a nuclear power station and fun rolling robots!

Importance of Logic

Pathway: Nuclear Robotics? It is LOGICAL

Logic: defined as the science of reasoning. Applied as the set of instructions to accomplish a task. Implemented as a way to systematically improve the results of the task. 


Robot Maze Challenge

Pathway: Nuclear Robotics? It is LOGICAL

A simple maze is a fun challenge - but what can it teach you about the importance of following instructions? Using the Sphero robot, an iPad, a few colored cups and a serious amount of logic you will teach this robot to accomplish the maze.

Necessities for Robot maze

Here are a few things you might need to accomplish the robot maze challenge:

Sphero Robot

Sphero SPRK App

Different colored cups

Mobile device linked to Sphero

Room to roll!

Want to make it even more of a challenge? Use the Cooper Nuclear Station cutaway to build a path for the Sphero to inspect the fuel core!

Cooper Cutout

Take a look at Cooper Nuclear Power Station!


A Failure to Communicate

Pathway: Nuclear Robotics? It is LOGICAL

Cargo-Bot is an iPad simulation game that challenges even the brightest of minds. The best thing about a digital simulation robot is that you can practice over and over again breaking your machine until you find the right solutions. Fortunately for you - hit reset and the robot is right back waiting for your instructions again.


GIGO Humans vs. Robots

Pathway: Nuclear Robotics? It is LOGICAL

Garbage In Garbage Out - this is what happens when our logic goes wrong. This challenge will utilize two robots and two humans in a challenge to detect bad commands in the sequence to solve a simple yet elusive problem.


Sensory Feedback

Pathway: Nuclear Robotics? It is LOGICAL

Observing the world around it is what sets a robot apart from a toaster. Identify, Figure Out, & Implement a multitude of sensors as you collect data to analyze. In a nuclear power plant, sensors are all around gathering information on things like vibrations, temperature, sounds and radiation to detect even the slightest change in status.


Paper Robot Challenge

Pathway: Nuclear Robotics? It is LOGICAL

Build Robots. You get Paper.

Paper Robot Sample Video

A high school student made this two wheeled tube-bot from paper. His challenge safely remove the spent fuel cell from the reactor core. This video example was right before he implemented the paper control circuit!