Pathway: Nuclear Refueling Challenge

Through the Pathways to a Technical Future program, students will gain knowledge while acquiring practical skills and expertise that will enable them to be successful in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workforce. Students will learn through experiences directly tied to academic requirements and Public Power practices.

To be successful integrating Pathways to a Technical Future learning styles you need to adopt the following rules of engagement!

A foldable personal engineering design notebook

The Foundation of Knowledge: a platform upon which all future success is built.

Challenge #1: Name 10 parts of a substation

Challenge #2: Define electrical resistance in your own words or with a drawing

Analog / Physical Domain: A continuously variable physical quantity.

Challenge #1: Experience "load" with a hand generator circuit

The Digital World - through a binary nature.

Challenge #1: Read this statement -

"There are 10 types of teachers in this world . . . those who know binary and those who don't"

Challenge #2: Tweet a photo or a video of a teacher solving the PWM challenge


The Logic Universe: The science of reasoning

Challenge #1: CargoBot

The Data Matrix: Something from which another generates

Challenge #1: Observing the world around you

Innovation: The IMPLEMENTATION of new IDEAS!

Challenge #1: STEM Lab Exploration & Discovery

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