Pathway: Sensor Station Lab Resources

Before beginning work on any job, utility workers focus on safety. This 2-minute drill helps you focus on safety in the STEM Connections Lab Sensor Station

Stop. Think. Act. Review. - this is a standard safety procedure in industry and utility practices.

STOP: Don't rush into the activity! Give yourself time to focus on safety

THINK: Go through a mental checklist for the task at hand. If you have never used the tools or equipment identify potential hazards and check out the engineering notebook for advice from others. Communicate with other students discussing options, reminding each other of safety procedures etc. Then write in your engineering notebook anything that the group has identified.

ACT: Perform the activity as planned - keeping safety in the forefront of your activity

Review: In your engineering notebook comment on all safety incidents, nice catches, and near misses. Give honest advice for the next group of students.

Take a look at the Arduino stations 2-minute drill and follow all of the safety suggestions!

Consider impact of project and what data needs to be collected to show results. As you proceed through the activity as yourself questions like these:

  • Will I be place sensors in areas that could potentially be safety hazards for other people? (i.e. trip hazards because of cords etc.)
  • Will my project effect the environment around me? (i.e trampled flowers while setting up sensors)
  • In the big picture, is the data collected worth the impact collecting it will make. Be sure to record all of your ideas in the engineering notebook.

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