Everything you ever wanted to know about how to make key clicks with a MakeyMakey and how to build your own computer with a Raspberry Pi

Makey Pi Lab - 2-minute Drill

You might think using a homemade computer is safe - well you are right, but that doesn't lessen the importance of focusing on safety and mistakes that you can avoid.

Makey Pi Lab 2-minute Drill
It may seem harmless but any time you work with open electronics you need to focus on safety!

Makey Pi Lab - How To Guide

This one really needs a how to guide -the MakeyMakey is pretty self explanatory but that Raspberry Pi definitely needs a recipe!

Raspberry Pi How To Guide
Take the time to check out this How to Guide to get you started with the Pi
MakeyMakey Tutorial
Explore Sparkfun's excellent MakeyMakey Tutorial!

Makey Pi Lab - Workforce Skills

Connecting the all important electrical grid control system to the skills you can learn on a $35 dollar DIY Computer!

Systems Control Workforce Skills
The ability to interface between the physical and digital world is essential!

Makey Pi Lab - Real Life Application

Using digital to control the physical!

Doniphan Control Center Does it All
If you have ever wondered how electricity makes it to your house . . . here you go!

Makey Pi Lab - Project Links

Links to projects for the Makey Makey and the Raspberry Pi

MakeyMakey Ideas
Check out Makey Makey Labz to see what others have done with their Makey
Raspberry Pi Project Ideas
Check out some beginner Pi projects!
Makey Pi Example
Here is a perfect example of integrating the MakeyMakey with the Raspberry Pi - You have to figure out how they did it!!

Makey Pi Lab - Shut Down Procedures

Put away the Play Do and clean up the banana mess - it is time to get the Makey Pi kitchen cleaned up and ready for the next group of cooks.

Makey Pi Lab Clean Up
Follow these steps to get the lab ready for the next group:

1. Unplug the MakeyMakey and the Raspberry Pi

2. Clean up your MakeyMakey mess (if you made one!)

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