The Internet of Things brings a whole new meaning to living in a connected community!

Smart Home Lab - 2-minute Drill

Follow these procedures and BAM, YOU"VE GOT THE POWER to stay Smart and stay safe.

Smart Home Two Minute Drill
Any time you use electronics, safety is essential. This lab is very similar to the electronics lab using the Sparkfun Inventor's Kit - You should take...

Smart Home Lab - How to Guide

How to use the Photon to create your own Internet of Things

Sparkfun Inventor's Kit for Photon
The internet of things is upon us. Take this opportunity to learn how to create your own items with a few great projects using the Photon board!
Getting Started with Particle
The Photon board uses a development platform called Particle - here is how you get started!
Photon RedBoard Hookup Guide
Check out this guide for a deeper understanding of the Photon RedBoard

Smart Home Lab - Workforce Skills

Energy efficiency engineers use problem solving skills to help customers save money - now you have that same power (or skills at least)

Workforce Skills for the Smart Home Lab
Check out these essential skills!

Smart Home Lab - Real Life Application

Audits are a perfect way to find waste - take this real life application for example. 

Sustainable Energy = Energy Conservation
Check out this story about our LEED Gold certified Norfolk Operation Center

Smart Home Lab - Project Links

Links to projects for the Smart Home Lab

Photon RedBoard Project Guide
The Photon is not a project you will just throw together - it takes a decent learning curve to make it all work. Check out these links to build some r...

Smart Home Lab - Shut Down Procedures

Last one out turn off the lights! (no really use your iPad and shut the lights out)(now get the LittleBits back in their original places and ready for the next Efficiency Engineer)

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