This is a general introduction to how electricity works.


Basics of Electricity

Good morning, let me introduce you to my little friend "electricity." Electricity is defined as a state or feeling of thrilling excitement. You will definitely be thrilled to learn about this special form of energy.

Electrical Safety Video
Join us as we discuss electrical safety with our high voltage demonstration trailer as the backdrop
Terms & Formulas
Learn about electricity with this Quizlet

Conductor Analyzing Circuit

Build an electrical circuit that can determine if an object is an insulator or a conductor. Then test a variety of objects to classify them. Your goal is to find objects that aren't classified as what they might appear.

Conductor Circuit
Here is the circuit diagram for you to build the Insulator/Conductor Testing unit!

Closer Look: Grid

An interactive PDF showing you how electricity gets from a power plant to your home.

Closer Look: Grid
Take an interactive look at how we generate and deliver electricity from the power plant to your home.
History of Electricity in Nebraska
Take a virtual tour of the "electrification" of rural Nebraska!

Circuit Diagram Challenge

Can you reproduce a circuit from a technical diagram? This challenge will introduce you to technical drawings and diagramming protocols! This image is a mechanic diagram of a substation recloser cutout switch. The ability to read this diagram is essential to the job of a substation technician. Your challenge will be a bit easier - simply decipher the circuit diagrams and make it work!

Schematic Test
Wiring diagrams, just like schematics for power poles, subdivisions, and sub stations, provide viewers with a detailed description of how to build the...
Wiring Symbols
A nice PDF of basic wiring symbols

Measuring Electricity

Take a real world look at how we measure electricity using the tools and techniques of public power!

Using a Multimeter
Here is a great video on how to use a multimeter with electronics. 


Build-a-Grid Challenge

Can you create a functioning electrical grid complete with Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and complex control systems?

Grid Challenge Instructions
Build an electrical grid utilizing generation, transmission, distribution, personal load, and science load. Y...

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