The real work of a Transmission & Distribution technician!


Standards, Procedures, & Execution

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Analog Control Systems

Can you change the direction of a motor? Build a circuit using a hand-crank generator and an electric motor. Try to change the direction of the motor without disconnecting any wires. 


Multi-Meter Functions

How do you measure Amps and Voltage? Explore the features of a multi-meter. Use the meter to take different readings and test the connectivity of conductors. 

How many watts is a light bulb?
Using the multi-meter, calculate the watts of a holiday lightbulb.

Work Order Execution

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TESTED! Right tool Right Place

Test your motor! What is the size, strength, and rpm of the electric motor? Develop engineering standards on different motors. 


Paper Robot Challenge

Build Robots. You get Paper.

Paper Robot Sample Video
A high school student made this two wheeled tube-bot from paper. His challenge safely remove the spent fuel cell from the reactor core. This video exa...

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