Students must build an electronic safe. Safes must keep a top secret power pellet safe. Thieves get two minutes to steal the power pellet without setting off the alarm! This team building problem solving activity challenges creativity, workmanship, and resource management.


Intro to Engineering Design

Engineering is a CAREER. Engineering is a DISCIPLINE. Engineering is a PROCESS. Learn the fundamentals of engineering design to lay the foundation for your own INNOVATIONS!

Engineering Design Process
Ask. Imagine. Plan. Create. Test. Improve.
Engineering Design Notebook
A foldable personal engineering design notebook
Engineering Career Profile
Interested in becoming an Engineer? Check out this engineering career profile that includes all of the job duties, skills, qualifications, and salary ...

Switch This

It is amazing what we can do when we control electricity. Circuits can get complicated quickly but this challenge takes the most fundamental aspect of controlling electricity and turns on the light of your imagination


MacGyver Season 3 Episode 9

Watch "MacGyver" Season 3 Episode 9 - This is the inspiration for the Safe Cracking activity!

MacGyver Inspiration
You can watch Season 3 Episode 9 on Amazon Prime or you can purchase it on Youtube as well! It is worth 49 minutes of your time - engineering is often...

Advanced Diagramming

A simple sketch on a napkin has been the start to countless inventions. As today's inventions get more and more technical - diagramming has graduated from gravy stains to great ways to get your ideas to come to life.


Testing, Tolerance, & Reliability

IT WORKS!!! One of the greatest feelings in an engineer's life. Until it doesn't - and it won't. Test it - over and over. Tighten it up - reduce your error margins. Redundancy rewards you with reliability.


Safe Cracking

Scenario: Nebraska Public Power District has acquired several top secret power pellets and must protect them until they can be utilized to produce electricity. We have assembled our best electrical engineers to build safes to keep potential crooks at bay. Your job is to design a prototype to help us keep our top secret power pellets safe.

1. The safe must have at least one alarm. An alarm is any electric circuit that turns a light on or off or sets off a buzzer. The alarm must be e...
How It Will Work
You will have plenty of build time to create your safe. Start with one alarm and then add more. Be creative, there are many types of switches tha...
Fill Out Your Work Order
You have done a great job engineering your safe. Now it is time to write the instructions for opening the safe without setting off the alarm. You need...
Safe Cracking Supply List
Safe cracking can be done with a variety of supplies from your "junk drawer!" This list is just a recommendation you can adapt the list as necessary. ...

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