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Nebraska Public Power District not only participates in events across the state, but we also provide resources for local utilities to engage in your local events! Our event resources are designed to reach a large amount of people in a small amount of time. We don't go too deep but we "expose" our visitors to the possibilities that lie within the electrical utility industry.

emPOWER(ED) Events PDF
Here is the PDF describing how NPPD "exposes" visitors to public power topics at events around Nebraska


Our presentations are short discussion based interactions based on a variety of energy topics. The emPOWER(ED) team focuses on career and workforce presentations while other public power experts discuss common energy energy topics through the speakers circuit.

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Engaged Instruction

This is where public power meets classroom instruction. These activities are hands-on engaged instruction that are correlated to the Nebraska State Science Standards. Each activity is designed to last one class period but go ahead and book lessons for the whole day! Each activity is tailored to the grade levels kindergarten through college!

Engaged Instruction Overview PDF
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STEM Activity

Our STEM activities are problem solving challenges focused on STEM practices and workforce specific skills. Each challenge has soft skills like teamwork and communication but also digs deeper into energy related science content. STEM activities are scenario based with less direct instruction than our "Engaged Instruction" lessons. This gives students more opportunities to "do" the science involved!

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While our classroom visits from an emPOWER(ED) educator are great opportunities, sometimes you just need resources that can make a long-term impact on your students. NPPD sponsored programs provide those resources and assistance for schools throughout our territory and schools served by our partner utilities. These opportunities are a great way to supplement your STEM programs and prepare your students for a technical future!

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Professional Collaboration

To make a significant impact in education, we all agree that collaboration is essential. NPPD's emPOWER(ED) team sees the value of investing in youth education throughout Nebraska through professional collaboration. We offer a unique combination of educational experience and industry connections that help you empower your students.

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