Learn the ins and outs of being a power plant operator with the help of Southeast Community College's Energy Generation Operators program!

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Energy Generation Strategies

The first law of Thermodynamics: No energy can be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms!

NPPD Generation Map
Check out all of the ways we make electricity for the state of Nebraska!
Transformation of Energy
Take a fun look at how energy is "Transformed" 


Synchronizing Generators

Synchronizing Generators

1. Analog Motor Controller Activity

2. Sine Waves

3. Build-a-grid hand held challenge


Digital Control of the Physical World

Digital Control of the Physical World

1. Controlling electron vs. ELECTRONS

2. PWM

3. Arduino Motor Controller Activity


Operational Procedures

Operational Procedures

1. 3-way communication

2. Culture of Safety

3. Work Order Execution


Sensory Feedback

Human performance requires all of your senses - Electronic Brains also require sensory feedback. Test yourself to see if your senses can hold up to those of your Arduino sensors.

1. Using the Multi-meter

2. Troubleshooting 101

3. Arduino Sensor Challenge


EGO Simulation

EGO Simulation

1. EGO Start-up Sample Procedures

2. Build a Frequency Control Simulator

3. Visit EGO Simulator

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