Utilizing the idea of logic, emergency operation procedures, 3-way communication and sensors this pathway will connected the importance of logic at a nuclear power station and fun rolling robots!

Importance of Logic

Logic: defined as the science of reasoning. Applied as the set of instructions to accomplish a task. Implemented as a way to systematically improve the results of the task. 


Robot Maze Challenge

A simple maze is a fun challenge - but what can it teach you about the importance of following instructions? Using the Sphero robot, an iPad, a few colored cups and a serious amount of logic you will teach this robot to accomplish the maze.

Necessities for Robot maze
Here are a few things you might need to accomplish the robot maze challenge:
Cooper Cutout
Take a look at Cooper Nuclear Power Station!

A Failure to Communicate

Cargo-Bot is an iPad simulation game that challenges even the brightest of minds. The best thing about a digital simulation robot is that you can practice over and over again breaking your machine until you find the right solutions. Fortunately for you - hit reset and the robot is right back waiting for your instructions again.


GIGO Humans vs. Robots

Garbage In Garbage Out - this is what happens when our logic goes wrong. This challenge will utilize two robots and two humans in a challenge to detect bad commands in the sequence to solve a simple yet elusive problem.


Sensory Feedback

Observing the world around it is what sets a robot apart from a toaster. Identify, Figure Out, & Implement a multitude of sensors as you collect data to analyze. In a nuclear power plant, sensors are all around gathering information on things like vibrations, temperature, sounds and radiation to detect even the slightest change in status.


Paper Robot Challenge

Build Robots. You get Paper.

Paper Robot Sample Video
A high school student made this two wheeled tube-bot from paper. His challenge safely remove the spent fuel cell from the reactor core. This video exa...

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