Innovation is indeed a process and not a spark genius. It takes hard work, attention to detail, and the right partner to see you all of the way to IMPLEMENTING your idea.

Subtraction to Increase Innovation

When a part breaks at home you head to the hardware store. When parts break at a 37-year old power plant you can't always just call the service repairmen and get the part delivered in the morning. So how do you improvise without jeopardizing quality and safety? Simple. You innovate. Using a machine shop, a CNC mill, and an attention to detail the lights can stay on. During the process of replicating a part, you come up with a new idea! Now you are ready to learn "subtractive manufacturing" to increase your ideas to life.

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TESTED Review of Carvey
The folks at TESTED give us a review of the Carvey CNC

Carvey Clay

Get your hands on to some modeling clay. It is essential that you learn to shape your ideas into a model learning what works and what doesn't before you enter into the expensive prototyping phase.


Easel 101 - Tools for prototyping

When driving innovation you need to prove that your concept is a viable product. This requires a working prototype to convince others that your product will make a real impact. Using the digital Easel creation software to control the Carvey CNC machine you will learn the skills necessary to produce a tangible product that will improve your ability to share your master plan.


Eureka! The Real Stages of Innovation

Many times we think that inventions and innovations are the product of that magic Eureka! moment. Lucky for those of us not named Archimedes, there is a logic systematic process for successful innovation. 


Precision Required

In the innovation process you need to be your own worst critic. Inspect your prototypes with a critical eye, Perfect your process. Evaluate. Evaluate. Evaluate. Attention to detail is vital to your success. Yes precision is required.


Domestic Energy Innovation

It is time to take your product through the whole process of Innovation - including the implementing of your ideas! Using a current energy related innovation project as a starting point think, model, prototype, test, evaluate, and implement an idea of your own!

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