Let your imagination run wild as you integrate circuits into craft projects that show your personal flair!

The Basics of Electricity

Electricity behaves like a 3rd grader - its lazy, hates to do work, and is always trying to get grounded! All joking aside, understanding how electricity works is essential to safely using it in our every day lives.


WearTec Circuit Cards

What do the holidays have to do with circuits? Greeting cards - that's right greeting cards. Combining the technical skill of building circuits with the convenience of conductive craft materials you can create amazing ways to say "Happy National Lineman Appreciation Day!"


Circuit Diagramming

Diagramming circuits not only help you understand how the circuit works but it also helps you make more complicated circuits without getting confused! There are standard symbols that help diagram circuits so everyone can share their ideas and do it in a safe, productive way.


Circuit Logic

Rube Goldberg became famous for his cartoons depicting how society was getting increasing complicated. His sketches often took a simple task and turned it into this complicated sequence of triggered events - maybe just to turn on the lights. Your Circuit Logic challenge is to utilize a series of electrical switches and triggers to create an electric "Rube Goldberg" all while diagramming the process.


Design a Tester

Electric circuits are often use to detect the "status" of the world around us. You have battery testers, light bulb testers, testers that tell you how many watts a device is using. After today, You will have a tester that will help you determine if an object is an insulator or a conductor.


Power Lining Creations

Power lining: the act of modeling the support structures you see on the electric grid. This can be done with a couple of friends and a camera or with basic craft materials and an understand of how circuits work.

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