Ahhh - an electric grid control system. It's physical. It's digital. It's Digi-cal (maybe Physital?) Either way it is the convergency of digital and physical control systems to safely control the generation and delivery of your electrical power. How about learning how it works with a Raspberry Pi and a Makey Makey?

Controls, Switches & Triggers

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Build a Switch

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Trigger Your Makey Makey

A Makey Makey makes a mouse click or a key press in a fun and interactive way. Using a basic fundamental of electricity (resistance) the Makey Makey can detect when you are touching objects such as foil (a conductor), bananas (a fruit), and other kids (a true friend). Have a little fun and see what you can use to TRIGGER your Makey Makey.

MakeyMakey Tutorial
Explore Sparkfun's excellent MakeyMakey Tutorial!

Pi A'la Mode

Noobs? Raspbian? Snappy Ubuntu Core? Exactly! The Raspberry Pi is a fully functional computer that you get to control. You can select the operating system, control settings and much more. Unless you are Bill Gates, you might need to follow a few procedures to get it up and running - but following the instructions is logical, right?


MaKey me a Pi

The Makey Makey is a cool little powerful tool on its own. The Raspberry Pi is another cool little powerful tool on its own. So why not combine them? In a utility control system we can control actions via a digital interface (like your Pi) and through physical triggers (like your Makey Makey) - and they both work together to ensure the safe delivery of electricity to your home!  Time to hear you say "Hey somebody put their Makey Makey into my Pi!"

Makey Pi Example
Here is a perfect example of integrating the MakeyMakey with the Raspberry Pi - You have to figure out how they did it!!

System Control Model

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