The real work of a Transmission & Distribution technician!


Analog Control Systems

Pathway: Applied Engineering

Can you change the direction of a motor? Build a circuit using a hand-crank generator and an electric motor. Try to change the direction of the motor without disconnecting any wires. 


Multi-Meter Functions

Pathway: Applied Engineering

How do you measure Amps and Voltage? Explore the features of a multi-meter. Use the meter to take different readings and test the connectivity of conductors. 

How many watts is a light bulb?

Using the multi-meter, calculate the watts of a holiday lightbulb.


TESTED! Right tool Right Place

Pathway: Applied Engineering

Test your motor! What is the size, strength, and rpm of the electric motor? Develop engineering standards on different motors. 


Paper Robot Challenge

Pathway: Applied Engineering

Build Robots. You get Paper.

Paper Robot Sample Video

A high school student made this two wheeled tube-bot from paper. His challenge safely remove the spent fuel cell from the reactor core. This video example was right before he implemented the paper control circuit!