This unit explores all of the science concepts behind how wind turbines work!


A Closer Look: Wind

Pathway: The Science of Wind Generation

A Closer Look: Wind

Wind Turbine Interactive

Get to know the inside scoop on commercial and residential wind turbines

Wind Turbine Tech

Ever wonder what it takes to climb 240 feet straight up on your daily commute to work?  Check out what it takes to be a Renewable Energy Technician at our Ainsworth wind farm.


Basics of Electricity

Pathway: The Science of Wind Generation

Custer's Version of how electricity works! Electricity is defined as a state or feeling of thrilling excitement. You will definitely be thrilled to learn about this special form of energy.

Power Plant to Home: How we deliver electricity

This basic PDF shows how electricity is delivered from the power plant to your home.

Electrical Safety Video

Join us as we discuss electrical safety with our high voltage demonstration trailer as the backdrop

Terms & Formulas

Learn about electricity with this Quizlet


Measuring the Wind

Pathway: The Science of Wind Generation

Measuring the Wind

Wind Watch

NPPD owns and operates the Ainsworth Wind Energy Facility. In the graph below, you can select the output of other wind farms by selecting the site in the location key. Remember: wind generation varies by location, availability of wind, and wind speed.                    

Wind Resources at Nebraska schools

Which Nebraska schools have wind turbines?


Build a Turbine

Pathway: The Science of Wind Generation

Build a scale model wind turbine that actually produces power you can measure!

Build a Turbine Blueprints

Here is what you need to build your scale model wind turbine!